We’ll pretend I did this three weeks ago when I passed 4.5k  I’ve been wanting to make a more personalized follow forever, as I follow few blogs. Thankyou erynnem22 for the graphic!

 My mutuals will be bolded, and I’ll make this in alphabetical order. Something you should note; I consider everyone on this list to be problematic trash, fun to talk to, open, amazing, and I love you all very much. I am just going to point out the main reasons I started following them.

abitnotgood-  metas, perfect edits

aconissa- text posts, headcanons

anigrrrl2- fic writer <333, perfect headcanons (always adds to my headcanons until it’s one big ball of perfect fluff) 

anotherwellkeptsecret- beautiful fanart

astudyinrose- fantastic fic writer

bbcatemypumpkinspice (also knows as bbcatemysoul)- tentaclelock, wt, metas, perfect perfect mary wank, very varied range of text posts

bbcjohnbeautiful fan videos, edits

bennyslegs- text posts, beautiful fanart, loves Mycroft <3

bisexualjohn- great text posts, headcanons

bookaddled- text posts, A+ fic writer

deducingbbcsherlockbrilliant metas

don-gatelytext posts, french friday

dramatisecho- amazing edits

erynnem22- fic writer <333333

estherlune- brilliant edits, color coding

finalproblem- metas, crack metas

fordeisbored- Mystrade and Mycroft <3333333333

gethinblake (also known as wsswatson)- metas, feminism, literature, sexuality (very well rounded blog ) 

goldfishandumbrella- Mystrade and Mycroft love <33333, feminist and current events posts 

graceebooks- grace being grace

greglestrade- text posts (I don’t even know how to describe, just know that she’s amazing and you should follow)

ifyouhaveenoughnervebrilliant metas

incurablylazydevilperfect gif, perfect mary wank, metas

ivyblossomvoice of wisdom, metas, fic writer

janhawkins- wonderful edits

johnstachedgifs, wide range of text posts, many rimming headcanons

joolabee- HER FICS WILL KILL YOU, text posts

kinklock- seriously the url says it all, metas as well

loudest-subtext-in-televisionperfect metas, lovely sense of humour 

mi-caw-berbrilliant cosplay

nondeducible- FLUFF, text posts, headcanons, (I love Anna, so you should all follow Anna)

piningjohn- angsty text posts, meta, clem being clem

prycrofttext posts, graphics

psychosematic- A+ text posts

onthelosingsideANGST, metas (always adds to my headcanons until they are one big ball of angst), fic writer <333

rominatrixbeautiful gifs <3

sevnilock- brilliant fanart

sherlocked-development- hilarious gifs

shinka- meta, jolto

shylocks- metas, perfect text posts

skulls-and-tea- quotes (fyi this is not a shipping blog) 

sumatrastreet- headcanons, text posts, brilliant arguments

superjewess - (If you didn’t know already Elana is back!!) amazing text posts 

sussexlock- text posts, perfect mary wank, headcanons,  completely perfectly fulfills the hating on John and Mary’s unborn child tile 

teacroftheadcanons, text posts

thealogie- meta, heartbreaking text posts that will end you

thecumbercollective- great cosplay, text post (fyi- not johnlock) 

thedoctorsnextcompanion- beautiful doctor who blog

tjlc- again, the url says it all

thekneegrope- text posts, edits, gifs

ughbenedictYOU WILL CRY WITH EVERY EDIT, damien rice fan <33

vowofsherlocktext posts, meta like posts, just perfect 

warmth-and-constancymetas, brilliant text posts, 

wearitcounts- text posts, A+ fic writer

whybenedict- text posts, problematic toplocker <3 

221beeminebrilliant meta, extensive knowledge on lighting

221behavior- lovely posts, metas

221bsherlock- brilliant cosplay 

awhh, this is the sweetest follow forever i’ve ever seen! thank you!


first things first - oh my god when how the hell did this happen?

so starting with the people who actually know where i live and therefore are capable of causing me harm if i don’t include them my real-life friends:

annaalex | maddi | nate | sam sarah

and all the beautiful people in all of these networks:

balletlocknet | thediogenesclub | deducingnetwork

and now everyone else, in alphabetical order because if i try to sort you by favorites i’ll get a headache (also oh wow everyone’s changed their urls for halloween) (italics are mutuals)

# a b

| 22lbakerstreetactuallyagirlsname | aconissa |  allshvllfadeandewscott | astudyinsherlvck |balletkink | bbcfreeman | bbcsheriarty | benedictcumbvrbatchbrilliantjohn | booadler | boofreeman | boonedictcumberbatch | booshezza | bootective | buckysalone

c d e

captain-johnhwatson | catchyoul8r | charlesmagnussen |  cleverdetective | cluelock |  coffeesherlock | consultingdetection | consvltingdetective | covertdeductions cumberchameleon | damntective | damnwatsondetectivesghosts | detectivesinsillyhatsdoomslock | epmtyhearse |

f g h i

| fallforsherlock | fawns-and-bees | ffssebby | gayspookysherlock | getlestrade | ghostlyandrew | ghostlybenedictghostmycroft | goosepornharrywatsons | halloweensherlock | hisjohn hislastval | holmesanddrwatsonholmesology | hopeforjohnlockimjohnlocked | inspectrelestrade | investigayting | ireignadler | ireneadlcr | ireneadlerrirenebadler |

j k l

| jamesmuriarty |  janenehawkins | jimbooiarty | jimmorivrty |  jimoriartv johnandhissociopath johnlcko | johnlockville |  johnsconsultingboyfriend | johns-tea | johnwartsonkinklock larapulvurletsplaymvrder | lestrvd |  lockwatsonlostinsherlock 

m n o

marriedetectives | martinfreethebootymarymorstarn | militarykink | milverrton | mindpalacemrsexhimselfmollyadler | moriartys | moriartysshades |  mycroftscakeaddiction | myscienceofdeductionnerdmoriarty | observingwatsonsomgmoriarty | onlyclueingforlooksourlastvows |

p q r s 

pininglock | properlock | pumpkinmoriarty | reichenbrook sallydnovan | scaryholmesscaryiarty | seasonsofjohnlock | sextective | shaggingshezza | sherholmies | sherlocksblogger | sherlockgraphysherlvckhomo | sherholmvs | shezzae | spooktectivespoopycroft | spookydetectives  | spoopyholmes | spoopyiartyspoopyjimmy | spoopyscariarty | startingwiththeridingcrop  | sulklockholmes  | sumatrastreet  | sussexlock

t u v w x y z

teacroft | thediogenistthewomvnuhkierenwalker | uhmoriarty | ughbenedictughmoriarty | vampiremoriartyvampiremycroft | vowofsherlockwonderlandinmymind | zombieholmes | zombielestrade |

and as i know for a fact i’ve left some lovelies out, see my blogroll.

awhh, thank you!♡♡

johnlockery: hey brit what kind of johnlock headcanons do you like? (sorry if this is mentioned somewhere and i just can't find it) for future reference so i can send you things ^^

aaaaahhhhhhhh i love getting johnlock headcanons

things i like:

  • john praising/encouraging sherlock
  • john being sherlock’s daddy
  • john’s tummy pudge
  • john being sherlock’s sugar daddy
  • sherlock’s military kink
  • domestic fluff
  • retirement fluff
  • balletlock
  • balletlock/rugbyjohn
  • teenlock
  • punklock
  • greaserlock
  • trans/nonbinary sherlock
  • performance in a leading role (actor john & sherlock)
  • angst
  • angst
  • love angst
  • j o h n l o c k

so when can we expect national treasure 3


i’m sorry but what was the point of releasing this as a promotional stillimage

if not to show you before you even watch the episode that both these men do not find the wedding they are attending ideal?


"…you always want everything to be clever. Now, shall we finish the game?”

I’m not really biased towards any medium, you know. What’s important to me…obviously, you have to do some job to help you pay the bills. What’s important to me is that they continue to work on projects that kind of challenge artists and hopefully affect people in a positive way.



remember when i used to eat your ass on a daily basis? because i do


"Captain John Watson, reporting to eat your ass, sir"



Ballet/punk/tattoolock with also undercut, cigarette and leather jacket so basically kill me dead

(some of the tattoos are taken/inspired by msaether's tattoolock design, others are mine)


I was lazy to colour it
Hope this will help :)


Martin Freeman at the TV Baftas 2014


Collections that Leave You Breathless—> Suneet Varma | India Bridal Fashion Week | 2013 The Golden Bracelet


Natalie Dormer for The Sunday Times || photographed by Benni Valsson

dear cas,